The Solar House Clontarf, Dublin


  • Clontarf is 5.5 km from Dublin City Centre.
  • The Solar House is 5 minutes walk to the bus stop with 8 bus routes on special corridors takes 15 minutes to the City Centre.
  • The Solar House is 10 minutes walk to the Dart. (light rail transport system). The Dart takes 10 minutes to the City Centre .   These run every 7 to 10 minutes at rush hours and 15 to 20 minutes at other times.
  • The Eastpoint Business Centre is one stop away on the Dart and the International Financial Services Centre is only two stops away.
  • This makes the Solar House an ideal location for business people staying in Dublin for a short time, or relocating to Dublin (while searching for more permanent accommodation).
  • The Solar House is also ideal for mature students studying English or on other courses in Dublin.
  • We are a ten minute walk to Clontarf Castle, a 4 Star Hotel and Conference Centre with bars, bar food and a restaurant. We are also close to Supermarkets with Delis, Chinese, Italian and General Restaurants, with local pubs serving anything from soup to a full meal.
  • Clontarf is well served with ready meals delivered to the door.
  • For entertainment we are 5 km from the o2 Theatre.
  • We are 4.5 km from the Helix Concert Hall in D.C.U. served by local bus and 6.6 km from the National Concert Hall.
  • The Bord Gais Energy Theatre (formerly known as the Grand Canal Theatre) is 5.4 km from The Solar House and can be reached by dart.
  • Most entertainment centres in Dublin are within easy reach.
  • Local amenities include The Red Stables, a Victorian two-storey building, located on the Clontarf side of St. Anne’s Park.
  • The complex includes design studios, artist work spaces, a commercial gallery, café and courtyard area, where a weekly Food Market is held every Saturday and a Craft Fair on the last Sunday of each month.
  • St. Anne’s Park with the famous Rose Gardens, a playground for children, walkways, playing fields and a public pitch and putt course is within walking distance.
  • Also located in the area are indoor Swimming Pools, Health Centres and numerous Golf courses.
  • Dollymount beach is 2.5 km from The Solar House.  The beach is 5 km long and 1 km wide at its widest point and was declared a Bird Santuary in the 1930′s, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1981, a Nature Reserve in 1988 and a Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. It is a popular beach for windsurfing, both in the sea and on the sand.
  • The Dublin Road which runs in front of the beach for miles has a reserved track that can be used for cycling, jogging, roller blading and walking.